Miami Marlins, New York Mets (Rainout)

Miami Marlins, New York Mets (Rainout)

New York (AP)- Owner of the new Mets, the same old malfunction.

Marcus Stroman criticized New York for starting the match on Sunday. Miami Marlins In stable rain. Straumann’s outing lasted only nine pitches before play stopped, the game was interrupted after waiting two hours and ten minutes, and continued as part of the day and night doubleheader on August 31st.

“This game should never have started. It’s not smart at all,” Straumann tweeted while he was late. “These conditions endanger everyone. Beyond happiness, neither player was injured. I hate having to wait another five days to sell again. It’s a miserable feeling. ”

Known to be sometimes confused under Wilpon and Katz’s family, Mets was purchased by hedge fund billionaire Stephen Cohen during the off-season. Stephen Cohen has revived Sandy Olderson as team president.

Play began at 1:10 pm and was stopped seven minutes later by referee DJ Rayburn. The home team decides whether to start the game. When the game starts, the referee decides whether to stop playing due to bad weather.

“That’s Stro’s way, frankly. He’s talking openly and saying what he feels,” Rojas said. “He didn’t share anything this morning. He prepares. He was doing his routine. Whether we start on time or not, he’s just waiting for communication. I did. ”

According to Rojas, the Mets stadium management staff consulted with the weather service and told Straumann that the match had begun on time. Straumann was not made available to reporters after his brief outing.

Rojas didn’t think he should talk to the starting pitcher about whether to start in this situation.

“This is the process,” said the manager. “Starters are usually not in the process of what we see there. Communication is the part they trust. I think it comes down to trust. And that’s what happened today.

“Stro heard the message that we were going to go. And I think there was OK trust, yeah we go. It wasn’t. And that’s what we are now. I think it’s time to be disappointed with the decision, but now we have to move forward. I don’t think the process will change. ”

Rojas said it wasn’t clear if he would have to wait until Friday for the next turn because Mets wanted to evaluate him in the next few days.

According to Rojas, there were two meetings before the match, the second expected to be foggy and light rain around noon.

“Maybe it’s the wrong decision now, but that’s what we saw,” he said.

Miami manager Don Mattingly chose to use relief while Rojas started Straumann John Curtis As an opener. Curtis did not reach the mound.

“I’m not sure where to go in this weather. They’ve opened the gate and are clearly trying to play,” Mattley said about an hour and 20 minutes before the start. “But the weather is still a bit aerial, so yeah, I felt it was the safest way for us to go (using a reliever).”

Only two players struck. Corey Dickerson With single Sterling Mars I jumped out.

Straumann deliberately worked in the rain, throwing a wet ball and forcing Rayburn to set a new baseball twice.

When the game started, there were about 1,000 fans in the seats, and when Jesús Aguilar approached the batter’s box, the infield soil was shiny and smooth from the water. The game stopped after a pair of dirt splitters left Aguilar with a 2-0 count.

“The field quickly got out of hand,” Mattingly said. “If they thought it would be, I don’t think they started.”

Move down

Michael Conforto was dropped from 3rd to 6th in batting order. Entering his last season before qualifying as a free agent, Confort got off to a 21-3 (.143) start with 3 RBIs without Homer.

Marlins move

LHP Daniel Castano recalled from an alternative training site, OF Lewis Brinson So it was an option.

Trainers room

Marlins: C Jorge Alfaro (Left hamstring) hasn’t played since Tuesday and Miami wants to be able to play on Monday.

Mets: 1B JD Davis (who bruised his left hand with a hit by pitch on Tuesday) is still uncomfortable during the swing.


Marlins: RHP Sandy Alcantara (0-1) Open the series in Atlanta and start RHP Wascarinoa (0-0).

Mets: LHP David Peterson (0-1) will start for Mets with a series opener against Philadelphia and RHP Chase Anderson (0-1). Taijuan Walker follows Mets in the second game.

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