Eisai sees potential for a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, but at a cost …

Eisai sees potential for a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, but at a cost …

Haruo Naito, CEO of Eisai, said Wednesday that a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, co-developed with Biogen in the United States, could be a “blockbuster” product.

The drug Aduhelm, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration on Monday, raised expectations for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. However, concerns about rising medical costs remain, as patients will be billed $ 56,000 annually.

At an online press conference, Naito said drug pricing needs to reflect multiple factors, including the impact on the family of the patient taking it.

“We believe it could make a big contribution as a blockbuster,” he said, adding that low-income people should also be able to receive the drug.

“Prices should be based on the multifaceted value of the drug,” Naito said, noting that medical costs are not the only burden on families caring for Alzheimer’s patients.

“The job opportunities for such families are diminished and patients may have to stay in long-term care facilities for longer periods of time. By assessing these multiple factors, we can get a complete picture.” The CEO said.

Aduhelm reduces amyloid beta protein in the brain, which is thought to play an important role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Biogen, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is given as an injection once every four weeks at a cost of $ 56,000 per year.

According to Naito, the drug is used in 1 to 2 million patients in the United States and about 1 million patients in Japan.

Biogen Japan submitted an application for approval to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in December. The ministry said Tuesday that it could decide whether to allow domestic use by the end of this year.

Eisai has also developed Aricept, a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Aduhelm is the first new treatment for this disease that has been approved by the FDA for nearly 20 years.

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Toshiba says potential acquisition offers from CVC are deadlocked …

Toshiba says potential acquisition offers from CVC are deadlocked …

Toshiba said potential takeover offers from CVC Capital Partners were stalled after CVC Capital Partners submitted a new offer that lacked sufficient information for evaluation.

Toshiba announced a preliminary approach from CVC in early April, and the stock price soared. Only a few days later, the company’s board of directors cautioned the debate and warned that the proposal could not lead to a deal.

In the latest chapter of the complex drama, Toshiba revealed that it received a letter from CVC on Monday, but “it did not contain specific and detailed information that could be evaluated in detail.”

“We just said the CVC would set aside to wait for our guidance on whether Toshiba’s privatization would meet the strategic goals of management and the board,” the statement said.

“This preliminary proposal lacks the necessary information, and the board has concluded that it is impossible to evaluate it,” he said.

This disclosure is another setback to the potential acquisition of the company, which CEO resigned earlier this month. Nobuaki Kurumatani, who previously worked at CVC, resigned after a significant drop in support from Toshiba employees and executives.

It is not clear if other reported bidders will follow the CVC. According to Bloomberg News, after the company’s first approach, private equity fund KKR & Co. And Canadian investment giant Brookfield Asset Management, Inc. have begun investigating potential offers.

Satoshi Tsunakawa, who became CEO this month, reassured Toshiba that it would continue to be a strong Japanese company and invest in R & D. His comments came out to reassure employees and business partners at the CVC’s offer.

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U.S. looks at potential threats from Chinese yuan

U.S. looks at potential threats from Chinese yuan

US President Joe Biden’s administration has stepped up scrutiny of China’s digital yuan plan, and some officials say the move is long-term to overthrow the dollar as the world’s major reserve currency. Matters that are concerned that they may start bidding.

Now that China’s commitment to digital currencies is gaining momentum, officials from the Treasury, State Department, Pentagon and the National Security Council are stepping up efforts to understand the potential impact, people say. Stated.

U.S. officials are less worried about the imminent challenge to the current structure of the global financial system, but how the digital yuan is distributed and it avoids U.S. sanctions. I would like to understand if it can also be used for. Conditions for anonymity.

A Treasury spokeswoman declined to comment. A National Security Council spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

The People’s Bank of China will begin trial issuance of RMB digital in cities across the country and will be the first major central bank to issue cryptocurrencies. The Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing next February, are expected to expand more widely and are expected to be exposed internationally.

Many important details of the digital yuan, such as details of how the yuan is distributed, remain in flux. China’s recent establishment of a joint venture with SWIFT is a messaging link that most cross-border settlements pass through today, allowing the digital yuan to function internally rather than outside the current financial architecture. It suggests that there is.

According to people familiar with the matter, US officials are reassuring that China’s intention is not to use the yuan to circumvent US sanctions. The dollar’s current dominance in cross-border transactions gives the US Treasury the power to block access to many of its businesses, or even the country’s global financial system.

Chinese officials said that the main purpose of the digital yuan is to exchange banknotes and coins, reduce incentives to use cryptocurrencies, and Ant Group Co. WeChat Pay of Ltd. states that it is to complement the current private sector-operated electronic payment system dominated by Alipay and Tencent Holdings. PBOC established a dedicated research team in 2014 and has been working on the digital yuan, also known as e-CNY, for many years.

“To provide backup or redundancy for retail payment systems, central banks need to step up and provide digital currency services,” Mu Changchun, director of PBOC’s Digital Currency Institute, said at an event last month. Said. ..

Chinese regulators are not only seeking backups for personally operated electronic payments, but are also expanding their scrutiny of the country’s digital champions more extensively. Ant Group has been told by Beijing to become a financial holding company that is regulated like a bank. China has also fined Ant’s affiliate Alibaba Group Holding Ltd for $ 2.8 billion in antitrust violations.

The PBOC is also considering the possibility of using the RMB for cross-border payments and has launched a project to study issues with Bank for International Settlements units with financial authorities in the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Hong Kong. I will.

The Biden administration is not currently planning to take action to counter the long-term threat from China’s digital currencies, people familiar with the argument said. However, China’s plans have given new impetus to efforts to consider the creation of digital dollars, they said.

Congressmen are also aware of China’s move and are increasingly interested in the digital dollar, and at a hearing earlier this year, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen were on the issue. Asked about.

Powell said in February that the Fed is looking “very carefully” at the digital dollar. “We don’t have to be the first. We need to get it right.”

Yellen has shown interest in research into the feasibility of the digital dollar, a shift from the lack of enthusiasm under his predecessor Steven Mnuchin.

“It makes sense for the central bank to consider issuing sovereign digital currencies,” she said at a virtual conference in February. Yellen said the digital version of the dollar could help address the hurdles of financial inclusion in the United States for low-income households.

According to a recent report from the Director of National Intelligence, the degree of threat of foreign digital currencies to the centrality of the dollar in the global financial system “depends on established regulatory rules.”

China maintains a strict system, so to promote the internationalization of the renminbi, the Chinese currency accounts for more than 2% of the world’s foreign exchange reserves, while the US dollar accounts for nearly 60%. I am. Capital regulation.

According to Mark Sobel, the US chairman of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, China’s financial system is “vulnerable and weak” and cannot pose a real threat to the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency.

“In the end, the market is more confident in the Fed than in China’s central bank,” said Sobel, a former US Treasury official for international affairs.

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Baxton shows the potential of a superstar between twin fir …

Baxton shows the potential of a superstar between twin fir …

Minneapolis — After selecting Byron Buxton In the second overall pick of the 2012 draft, Minnesota Twins I have been patiently waiting for the center fielders to realize their full-season superstar potential.

Perhaps this year will be the year Baxton put together all of its speed, power and skill. And while doing that, stay away from those catastrophic injuries.

There is no doubt about his ability to inspire and entertain.

“Everyone in this room has a purpose for our team, but he has something special. He brings a lot of energy,” said starting pitcher José Berríos. “The fastest, obviously center fielder in our game. Also, when he’s healthy, he can hit and run. I’ve seen this season so far. I think he feels pretty good. That’s Byron. A man can do this 100%. ”

Baxton hit four home runs in 19 at-bats, with one of the four major players hit many in the first eight days of the season. With three doubles, his slugging percentage is an astonishing 1.211. Baxton’s six consecutive wins with long hits are the longest in his career.

The fun began when Milwaukee’s opener hit Homer, estimated to be 456 feet, against Brewers side armor Eric Yardley.

“I went there and made a plan,” Baxton said after the match. “I literally said,’He’s going to throw me a slider,’ so I went up there and sat down on the slider. So the part of the experience comes out. No matter what you throw at me I’m confident enough now, where it doesn’t really matter. I sit on the braking pitch. I’m starting to understand how fast my hands react to the fastball. When you reach the point, it’s pretty scary. ”

He is now 27 years old, but far from the peak.

“It’s never old to see him completely change the ball game with one hand,” said Twins manager Rocco Baldelli.

Baxton played home opener in fourth place against Seattle on Thursday and made his second cleanup spot in his career.

His track star speed was enough to make him a staple in the lineup for a long time on bass and field. The progress on the plate was far more elusive. Staying healthy was one of the biggest issues, partly because of the fearless roaming in the center field, but when healthy, he used a bat in the major leagues for more than six years to withstand intense stretching. I have come. He played more than 92 games only once.

At the heart of the lineup, which set a home run record two seasons ago, Baxton began to show that he could do more than catch a dive.

“He’s finding a barrel, and it’s getting very hot right now,” Baldelli said.

He remained fixed in the weight room during the winter, bulking his upper body and allowing him to provide more pads to further prevent injuries.

Fans will be able to return to the stadium after the COVID-19 is closed in 2020, so it’s a perfect time to be ready for this year’s Baldelli batting order. Baxton is one of the rare talents in baseball who can sell his own tickets.

“He’s not really someone looking for that attention in some way for himself. He wants to win a baseball game and do it for his teammates. This is what he does. It’s the way, that’s the energy he gives off, “Baldelli said. “He’s working really hard. He’s competing for a tail every day when he’s there, and I’m the guy he’s just grateful to everyone who locks around him at the clubhouse I think that’s who he is as a player and as a person. ”

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