The Suez Canal chief suggests a “mistake” by the captain …

The Suez Canal chief suggests a “mistake” by the captain …

The Suez Canal Authority chairman suggested that the captain of the container ship may have made a mistake as the reason why the huge ship was stuck in the important high seas in late March.

“The captain may have made a mistake in certain (manipulation) requirements such as rudder and speed, which may have been the cause,” said Osamaraby, referring to the 400-meter-long skipper. I mentioned in a recent interview. , 220,000 tonnes so far given.

A Panama-flagged vessel owned by Japanese ship leasing company Shoei Kisen Co., Ltd. and operated by Evergreen Marine Corp. of Taiwan was pushed into the canal on March 23, hindering world traffic, and finally released six days later. it was done. ..

Even if a Suez Canal Authority guide was on the Evergiven, he said rabies could cost more than $ 1 billion, saying the authorities were not responsible for the case.

The guide has a “counselor,” but the captain said in Arabic, “I am responsible for (operating) the ship.”

“Even if the guide places an order, the captain has the right to change or use routes or speeds other than what the guide says,” Rabbie said. “There were no mistakes or responsibilities on the side of the Suez Canal.”

However, the chair did not mention the issue of compensation.

The blockage caused more than 400 vessels to stall in and around the canal. The canal is one of the heaviest shipping routes in the world between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

Rabies dismissed strong winds as the main reason for the incident.

An investigation into why Evergiven got stuck in the canal has begun. The ship was on its way from China to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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