Carlos Ghosn talks to a French judicial inquiry …

Carlos Ghosn talks to a French judicial inquiry …

A French judicial investigator spoke with former car tycoon Carlos Ghosn as a witness in Beirut on Wednesday before asking further questions next week, two sources said.

The hearing took place on Monday before a French security judge officially asked Ghosn, who holds citizenship in Lebanon, France and Brazil, about another judicial inquiry filed against him in France. I did.

“Six French judges, including a prosecutor and an investigative judge, began listening to Gone’s witnesses at 11:00 am,” a Lebanese judiciary said.

A French source close to the incident said former Renault chiefs had been questioned as “simple witnesses” for accusations that Renault had been fooled in diesel and gasoline engine pollution tests with top management knowledge. ..

In 2017, a French fraud investigator reported that “the entire management team” up to Renault’s CEO Ghosn was involved in the alleged fraud.

French prosecutors are investigating whether he accidentally used the Palace of Versailles for a luxurious wedding in 2016. Ghosn is also being investigated by the French tax exemption office for a suspicious financial transaction between Renault and its distributor in Oman Bay, and a contract signed by Renault-Nissan’s Dutch subsidiary RNBV.

Investor lawyer Jean-Paul Baduel said a Renault shareholder filed a lawsuit last week in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, over “a large amount” of money sent to RNBV “without the investor’s knowledge” against Ghosn. Said on Wednesday.

He claims that tens of millions of euros have been remitted to a Dutch subsidiary, and the proceedings claim that “special care was taken to cover up (payments) and they were ordered by Carlos Ghosn.”

Baduel argued that cash transfers corresponded to RNBV’s “slush fund.”

Ghosn’s spokesperson did not comment on the proceedings when contacted.

Former executives were to meet a French judicial inquiry officer in Beirut in January, but the meeting was postponed due to travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He was arrested in Japan in November 2018 on suspicion of financial misconduct, paid bail in late 2019, and was detained for 130 days before being smuggled abroad.

Ghosn, which Interpol wanted, is effectively trapped in Lebanon, despite others facing court over its connection to his case.

Japan urged him to return home and face a trial, and Lebanon urged Japan to hand over his files in connection with the charges of financial misconduct.

Ghosn is currently out of the reach of Japanese courts and lives a relatively quiet life, mainly at his home in Beirut.

He recently released a book explaining his side of his case.

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