Recruitment: Extraordinary individuals and leading companies

Recruitment: Extraordinary individuals and leading companies

Recruitment: Extraordinary individuals and leading companies

April 13, 2021

Australia is looking for the best and most talented people in the world to move to one of the safest, most economically stable and innovative countries in the world.

The· Global Business and Talent Attractions Task ForceIs an Australian Government initiative that transcends agencies and was founded to attract proven businesses and entrepreneurs along with their ideas, networks and capital.

If you lead a business, or if you are an exceptional individual, you may qualify Global talent visa.. This gives you and your immediate family the certainty of permanent residence.

Companies supported by the Task Force Temporary stay visa Immediately track your move to Australia. This allows staff to be quickly placed here and provide the first temporary workforce, including critical corporate staff, for 18 months. The Task Force can also facilitate the transfer of relatives as part of a streamlined visa process.

A safe and cost-competitive place

Australia is a cost-competitive destination for international companies wishing to relocate their employees and their families. Australian cities have lower living costs than most major cities in the Asia-Oceania region. According to Mercer’s 2020 Living Expense Index, living expenses in all Australian cities are considered to be lower than the SAR in Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Australia is the success story of COVID-19, and the OECD, IMF and Bloomberg have ranked Australia second in the world in the COVID resilience ranking.

Australia is also a safe and stable country with a friendly and relaxed culture that makes it easier to achieve a work-life balance. According to economists, three cities are ranked in the top 10 most livable cities in the world.

Recent arrival

Multiple visa passes are offered, and some exceptional individuals, entrepreneurs, and founders of startups call Australia home. They come from a wide range of disciplines, including medical technology, quantum computing, renewable energy, space, advanced digital and data science.

“I’m very excited to bring Plato Science to Australia. The growth opportunities here are endless and it’s really a lifestyle destination! The visa process was seamless and the support Australia provided was great. . – Balder Onarheim, Founder and CEO

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Please contact us Global Business and Talent Attractions Task Force Information about the Global Talent Visa Program and other visa routes.

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